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Landell Games

Released: Undisclosed

Platforms: Pc

Project Worked on:  Project Apoceus

Skill focus: Level design, gameplay/system design, scripting, UI/UX design.

Internship length: 6 months

Engine and tools: Unity, Google docs, Krita, Photopea, Excel, Linear.

What is Landell Games?

Landell Games is a game company based in Sweden, that is currently working on a RTS game called Project Apoceus. In this game you can play as the Dwarf race (more races to play as are planned) and the goal is to defeat the other player's in combat. 


The game is currently only playable by play testers. 

Level design Contributions

In the level design department I worked from the first steps on designing two multiplayer maps for Project Apoceus.


These being: Arctic Conquest and .

Arctic Conquest: 

So from a logistic stand point, this is the largest map I have developed in a game before and it needed to be large as the main first map for the game. 

It was also the first map I developed for Landell games together with a game play related team.


The process started with documentation on what we would like to explore with the map. So I started work here defining what kind of features I think would fit the map + the first early sketches for the map and it's variations. 


Early Sketches: 

Some of the early sketches, top being the first iterations and then going into newer versions. 

Building the level in Unity:

Here are some early iterations of the map with basic textures made using the Terrain building tool in Unity.


This was the first time I have had a good use for this tool and I learned to use it to it's full potential. I also learned about some other in house tools that are unfortunately under NDA, but where useful in building the level. 

I learned quite early on how important it was to get +proportions right from both the sketch stage and with getting map into the game itself. 

Other things I tackled was introducing landmarks and breadcrumb paths in the environment to encourage X activities. These would be roads that lead to resources and highlighting enemy encampments using dirt areas to indicate that something valuable was close by. Example's can be seen on the right: 

I also worked on the Narrative elements on the map together with our environment artists. 

Narrative Elements of the map:

We in the team wanted to Arctic Conquest map to show the aftermath of a ancient civilization and a war taking place on the map by having remnants of this in the environment. 

Example of this would be weapons sticking of the ground at specific areas + ruins of buildings around the map. I worked on making sure these elements would fit gameplay vise and storyvise into the game. I also decided where they would be placed. 

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