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Echoes of the void

Released: Novemeber 2022

Platforms: Pc

Skill focus: Level design, gameplay design, scripting, UI/UX design.

Project length: 2 months

Engine and tools: Unreal engine 5, Google docs, Maya, Blender.

What is Echoes of the void?

Echoes of the void is a third person action platformer, where the player has to explore the void by using their bow and the powers of the void to advance through the game.



I have mainly designed the game's level. Mostly worked on tweaking the game's map and designed two islands in the game. These are shown in pictures 1 and 2


Some challenges with the level of design that I faced were mostly about the navigation in the game. I tested a lot of things, such as using light to attract the player to a certain direction, landmarks such as green crystals, and vines in the environment. Picture 3 shows is an example of a landmark in action. 

From this project, I learned a lot about being able to design levels that can properly navigate the player and in a better way teach the game's mechanics in a short and clear way. 

I did also work on the introduction of the character controls. I used UI triggers in the environment to explain what the player can do. I also used the already existing environment to teach the player about the mechanics of the game. See picture 4 for an example of this in action.

I also worked with the Hud of the game. I designed the last Hud iteration of the game, making sure it was clear to the player what was what and how it interacted with the rest of the game.

I did this by adding a flashing effect on the dash bar when it was full and tied this to the player character model to properly inform the player about this. This can be seen in picture 5.

I also worked as a QA for the project where I usually documented what I saw and what others said when they playtested the game and delivered this information and worked to improve the game together with the rest of the group. 

Image of twisted building island.jpg

Picture 1, is designed to hold secrets and enemy encounters.

Picture 2, ending section of the game.

Picture 3, Guiding crystal that shines brighter the closer you are to it. (The red arrow is not a part of the game). 

Guiding lanmarks.png

Picture 4, UI element in the world that is teaching the player how to grapple.

Picture 5, Here we can see the dash bar highlighting the player and the bar to indicate that they are related to each other. 

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